Beautiful Stained Glass Double Wheel Stained Glass Kaleidoscope - Rose Garden


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The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Sir David Brewster, a Scottish scientist, mathematician, and physicist noted for contributions to the field of optics. The kaleidoscope was named after the Greek words kalos (beautiful), eidos (form), and scopos (watcher); hence the word kaleidoscope roughly translates to beautiful form watcher.

And beautiful images it does make! The kaleidoscope creates ever-changing reflections of the glass and/or objects at the end of a tube. The actual images are created by placing angled mirrors within the tube. As the wheels or chamber is rotated, the mirrors create exquisite and colorful new patterns. The lines and colors of simple shapes are multiplied by the mirrors into a visually stimulating vortex.

This beautiful stained glass kaleidoscope, Rose Garden, is handmade by Poppy Behrens of Poppy's Place. It has two wheels for changing from one stunning image to another. The scope body is made using a mottled green stained glass and is decorated with hand-casted solder. The focal point is two red rose brooches that accent the color of the scope. The interior of the scope is made using high quality front surface mirror.

This kaleidoscope is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity. Custom orders are available on request.

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